Newmarket and Thurlow Pony Club
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Welcome to the Newmarket and Thurlow Pony Club

horses.jpgThe Pony Club is for all children and young adults from 5yrs to 25yrs, who wish to either compete or just enjoy  their horse or pony while learning about the countryside, and work as a member of a ride or team.
This branch is open to all young people who live within the hunting country of the Thurlow Hunt. We encompass a large area and presently have around 200 members.

We are very lucky to have the use of lovely meadows in Thurlow and at Horseheath Racecourse (including a new area in the wood for little ones) for our summer rallies, We have a varied cross country course, and show jumps with fences from 1’6” to 3’6”.

Throughout the summer there are rallies, specialised training sessions, gymkhana evenings, picnic rides and of course pony club camp! We use a variety of venues besides our wonderful bases at Thurlow and Horseheath.  Our summer camps are held at Tattersalls Park Paddocks (Intermediates), Horseheath (Juniors), Stradishall (Minis) and the Seniors use a variety of locations.

During  the winter months we use a couple of indoor schools for dressage and show jump training.

There are also badge days and test days to help improve our stable management.
But most important of all, there is the opportunity to make friends with other people who have the same love of horses and ponies that we do.

The Newmarket and Thurlow Pony Club is run by a committee of parents and it is important that every family makes an effort to volunteer to join the committee or to assist in the running of events. 

sarahburton.jpg   Tim Vestey - District Commissioner
Sarah Burton
Chief Instructor /Assistant DC

If you are a member, or wish to find out more information, please call Sarah on 07855118471 (not after 8.45pm please)

  Tim Vestey
District Commissioner 

Please contact by email